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May 6th is
World Kids Colouring Day
Join in, draw & colour, help others!

Creativity helps children to understand and change the world. And so, since 2008, STAEDTLER has been calling on children all over the world to help good causes by creating pictures. This year, we at STAEDTLER will give 1 Euro for every picture created to charity organisation Plan International -  thus transforming our young artists into humanitarians helping other children in need.



World Kids Colouring Day took place this year for the tenth time, and we were delighted with the many entries we received from children all over the world. In total we received 21,450 entries from 14 countries and as a result we are happy to be able to provide aid organisation Plan International with funding of € 21,450 to support their “Education in Malawi” project.

Together we aim to encourage children to be creative and to help children in need. For the past two months, children, school classes and organisations from across the world have been submitting  their artistic masterpieces on the theme of “That’s typical!”, with STAEDTLER pledging 1 Euro to aid organisation Plan International for every picture. And we’re now able to donate a total of € 21,450.

The money will help renovate and extend the Mkoma and Malika primary schools in Malawi, to bring about long term improvements in the learning environment there.

Great prizes and a good cause – here are the competition winners 

The theme of this year’s World Kids Colouring Day competition - “That’s typical!” – was so wide ranging that it allowed for a myriad of different interpretations and creative approaches. We received lots of great pieces of art   from pictures of food and drink typical for a particular country to typical aspects of children’s everyday lives.

See a selection of the winning designs here.

Group winners
Aisha, 7 years
Alfred, 7 years
Elena, 6 years
Emilie, 8 years
Liv, 3 years
Silje, 6 years
Vigga, 8 years

Drawing and colouring make twice the difference

Drawing and colouring for Malawi - drawing and colouring for more education

By supporting the Education in Malawi project this year, STAEDTLER is helping Plan International to improve the learning environment in the Mkoma and Malika primary schools in south eastern Malawi and so to improve access to education.

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Drawing and colouring makes you smarter

In our digital age, do children still need paintbrushes, coloured pencils and paper? Research shows that they do. When children reach for pencils and paper, they do more than just create colourful pictures. They also develop their fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, creativity, communication skills and self-confidence. Education and creation are closely linked.

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